Digital transformation, self service and customer insights

The Digital Log Book will support your digital transformation strategy further by capturing key customer insight data enabling you to better support your customers. This will enable you to improve service delivery, increase self serve and set up a digital identity for your customers.

What is a Digital Log Book?

Social Housing providers are currently faced with seeing a reduction in their income through changes such as the 1% reduction in rent levels.

Digital Transformation is seen as an integral part to plugging this gap in revenue as more and more services are moved onto digital channels.

Delivering Value for Money

Benefits of Digital Log Book include:

  • Reducing your cost to serve by transferring additional services onto digital channels.
  • Build a digital identity for your customers, ensuring they can reuse their credentials to access other services reducing your business costs.
  • Reduced rent arrears through the early detection of those most likely at risk.
  • Improved customer insight that identifies key trends regarding your tenants needs, which can be used to shape the design of future services.
  • Single sign-on solution that removes the need for your tenants to remember multiple login details, therefore encouraging the use of your digital channels

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At Etive we have 3 key values, which are Professionalism, Respect and Trust. Instead of us defining what each of these values mean to us as an organisation, our approach is to focus on what they mean to you because each of our customers have different aspirations.